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CheckMate Lasers   CheckMate Lasers REQUIREMENTS FAQ's

What type of computer system is recommended? ANSWER
Are there additional components required? ANSWER
Recommended software for best results? ANSWER
What is recommended for maintaintenance? ANSWER

What type of computer system is recommended?
Essentially any computer system purchased within the last three (3) - four (4) years is more than sufficient to operate a CheckMate Lasers machine. The newer the better obviously, but the following is a good basic starting point to determine whether the computer system you intend to utilize will be sufficient. An easy rule of thumb to remember is the faster and larger is always better and of course you can never have enough RAM.

  • 32-Bit: 32-bit hardware (64-bit hardware ONLY on XM8 Series)
  • Microprocessor: Intel or AMD (The faster the better)
  • RAM: 2 GB (The more the better)
  • Hard Drive: 200 GB (The larger the better)
  • Monitor: 16” SVGA Color (The larger the better, preferably LCD)
  • CD/DVD drive: 32x Drive (The faster the better)
  • Scanner: HP, Epson, Canon, etc. (All scanners produce sufficient quality for laser machines)
  • Operating System: 32-bit Windows: 2K, XP, Vista [highly discouraged], 7, 8 & 8.1 [either is highly recommended] (64-bit on XM8 Series ONLY)
  • Pointing Device: Mouse or Tablet (Tablets provide far more control over mice when specific location positioning of cursor is required)

Are there additional components required?
The following two components are not an option but a necessity. You MUST have an exhaust ventilation blower in order to catch the debris and fumes that the laser creates when vaporizing different materials and expel it outdoors. Because we include the Air Assist plumbing as standard on ALL CheckMate Lasers machines, they only require a mini air-compressor. It is extremely critical that CheckMate Laser owners utilize the air assist for safety concerns, i.e., fire potential.

  1. Exhaust fan/blower system With the addition of the included hoses, simply plug in and run your CheckMate Laser system. One hose connects to the CheckMate Lasers machine output with the other end of the hose to the exhaust blower input. The other hose will connect between the exhaust blower output to your outdoor ventilation connection.
  2. Mini Air Compressor If you currently own a compressor, there is no need for a mini-compressor. You can utilize an adapter to connect your industrial compressor to the CheckMate Lasers machine air hose connector. This configuration REQUIRES a regulator to reduce air flow directly from the compressor to the laser system. To high of a PSI will blow the air assist plumbing hoses. In addition to a regulator this configuration WILL REQUIRE two (2) water capture units (tank type compressors, produce large amounts of moisture), one to capture approximately 95% of the moisture, the second to capture the final 5% that gets by the initial water capture unit.

Recommended software for best results?
Operation and maintenance of CheckMate Lasers machines can be learned literally within an hour. Our machines are really that simple. Learning the driver will take an addition 30+ minutes, so essentially you can be up and running with a CheckMate Laser system within an hour or two. The key to professional looking and purchase worthy final products is learning the graphics software.

Learning software can take weeks, months, even years to master so it is essential to utilize industry standardized software where support is located virtually anywhere, whether online or in your own city. So the following software is highly recommended to enable your creative juices to flow and limit the learning curve to as short as possible.

CorelDRAW!. Although you can use most well-written vector based applications we highly recommend CorelDRAW as it is easy to learn, feature rich, includes various other useful applications, such as PhotoPaint (comparable to Photoshop), is an industry standard and relatively inexpensive compared to the alternatives. CorelDRAW is simple, versatile, powerful and with excellent positioning and text features. CorelDRAW is also the worldwide standard for vector graphics with laser systems. Plus CheckMate Lasers can fully support your use of this graphic application.

PhotoGrav If you are planning on laser engraving any type of digital or scanned images on any type of material then this is a wise investment. The simple one-touch processing works extremely well to produce photo quality images on most materials. This produces photograph images so well that without it don't even bother competing with a shop that does have PhotoGrav. You simply cannot compete. CheckMate Lasers can also fully support your use of this application.

What is recommended for maintaining the CheckMate Laser system?
A maintenance & optics kit. Maintaining the CheckMate Laser system is extremely simple and only takes a few minutes a day. The following areas require regular maintenance which is part of the training curriculum to ensure quality output and laser machine longevity.

  1. Rails: Regular cleaning of the railings to allow rollers to move smoothly
  2. Belts: Keep clear of debris to ensure no particles obstruct the motion
  3. Optics: Optics (mirrors and lens) kept clean and spotless to ensure peak performance

The following is all that is necessary to maintain your CheckMate Laser system.

Maintenance kit:

  • Denatured Alcohol: To wipe down rails & belts for smooth operation
  • White Lithium Grease: To grease down rails & lead screws for smooth operation
  • Lint free clothes: For general cleaning of rails, belts, table, enclosure, etc.
  • 409 or equivalent: For general cleaning of rails, belts, table, enclosure, etc.

Optics cleaning kit:

  • Q-tips
  • Lens cleaning cloths
  • Lens cleaning fluid

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