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XM8 Series (1'x2' > 3'x4' @ 50->150w)
GM Series (4'x5' & 4'x8' @ 80->150w)
Dual Head system (50/50w > 100/100w)
CheckMate Laser Engraving, Cutting, Marking, Etching systems; Putting the industry in check!


 XM8 Lasers
CheckMate Lasers XM8 Series GrandMini
CheckMate Lasers XM8 Series King
CheckMate Lasers XM8 Series Queen
CheckMate Lasers XM8 Series Rook
CheckMate Lasers XM8 Series Bishop2
CheckMate Lasers XM8 Series Knight2
GrandMini DH
CheckMate Lasers XM8 Series GrandMini Dual Head
GrandMaster Series

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CheckMate Lasers   CheckMate Lasers SUPPORT FAQ's

What warranty is provided? ANSWER
Compare the CheckMate Lasers warranty to others. ANSWER
What type of support is available? ANSWER
Can users upgrade the systems themselves? ANSWER
Are Videos, Articles, Tutorials, etc. provided? ANSWER
Is industry support available to help grow my business? ANSWER

What warranty comes with CheckMate Lasers?
One (1) – Two (2) year warranty. The XM8 Series (King, Queen, Rook, Bishop2, Knight2, GrandMini and GrandMini DH) & GM Series (GrandMaster) are covered with a two (2) year warranty. Warranty is non-transferable!

The Laser Tube, although a consumable, has been increased from a 90 day warranty to a full one (1) year warranty! Optics [mirrors and lens] are consumable items as well are covered under warranty for a ninety (90) day period. The tube warranty is for manufacturer defects, not from typical use depletion. Estimated lifespan of a CO2 glass laser tube has been field proven to last from 3-4 years on average. Keep in mind life span of a laser tube CO2 contents is heavily based on type of use, i.e., engraving primarily, cutting primarily or engraving & cutting combined.

Also once your a customer of CheckMate Lasers, your always a customer of CheckMate Lasers and we will take care of you and do what it takes to keep you operational, productive and profitable.

Compare the CheckMate Lasers warranty to another brand.
Easily done! We are so confident with our equipment’s durability and reliability that we stand behind our lasers equal to or longer than most in the industry. Although we have a two (2) year warranty on all of our XM8 Series & GM Series models, we like to think of ourselves along the same line as the venerable Maytag appliance. “It’s great to have that warranty, but it’s even better to never have to use it!” This is the confidence we have in our equipment. © Maytag

What type of support comes with the CheckMate Lasers?
Once a customer of CheckMate Lasers, always a customer of CheckMate Lasers Your CheckMate Laser provides for lifetime technical support to the original owner (non-transferable). Not only will you have access to your sales rep for quick and reliable support for your laser system, but you also have access to our Las Vegas, NV staffed and stocked warehouse with technicians on hand. Finally the XM8 Support Forums provides support for everyday issues, from machine support, machine maintenance, laser engraving, laser cutting, techniques, photographs, Windows, CorelDRAW, etc.

Can users upgrade the CheckMate Laser systems themselves?
YES Most updates/upgrades and even repairs can easily be done by the customer in the field, such as, control panel upgrade, firmware upgrade, lens upgrade, etc. Laser tubes can be swapped out in a matter of minutes. When that time comes to make an upgrade contact us and we will guide you in the right direction and/or method in which to perform your desired upgrade.

Are Videos, Articles, Tutorials, etc. provided?
YES! We've found over the years that phone and even email support just isn't quite enough at times. So when the opportunity presents itself that an article needs to be written about a particular topic or a step by step tutorial must be created then so be it. The staff at CheckMate Lasers works with our customer base and determines which method will best serve the customer immediate needs or if written support isn't clear enough then a video is produced. View the following to get a taste of our support methods.

When the written tutorial just isn't enough, then we'll produce videos showing the procedure

Step by Step Focal Adjustment:
PDF format: Adobe-PDF
Video format:

Is industry support available to help grow my business?
YES! Industry resources are necessary to locate new markets to penetrate, pricing structures, techniques to faster complete projects, trade shows to check out what's coming down the pike, etc. LECME, inc. is here to help you locate these resources. The place to begin searching for support and information is right here with CheckMate Lasers.

FYI, unlike our "competitors" out there in the market we have actually worked at trophy shops, owned laser engraving businesses, conducted training seminars and workshops for the industry, had our articles published by industry publications and of course worked with companies in hundreds of industries across the entire North America. Our expertise is vast and we pride ourselves in working the front lines to acquire this extensive knowledge that we can now share with our customer base. So we are not your typical "laser salesmen" as we've been on the "other side of the fence" so to speak and enjoy helping our customers expand and grow their business.

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